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The  Best Mystery Writer between Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic!

As an inventor, a businessman, pilot and traveler, I've spent countless hours reading novels in airports, hotels, restaurants and bars.  One day my friend and business partner, a successful singer and songwriter himself, made the brash statement, "Anyone can write."  I took him up on it and here I am.  With three novels and a collection of short stories already written, I've just completed the first episode of a new series centered around a character living on a boat in Myrtle Beach, SC, dating a woman in Thailand and struggling as he tries to be discovered as a... wait for it...  MYSTERY WRITER!  Any resemblance you may suspect to a writer you might know, living or dead, would be purely coincidental.  But since this character writes mysteries, friends on the police force think that he thinks like a criminal and so they come to him with their problems. Then he somehow blunders into the thick of a lot of messes, on two continents.

With Thai wife, Nirawan... behind every man, yada, yada, yada.

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