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Short Previews of "CUTTING TEETH"

a collection of short stories



Story 1


A true syllogist, Detective Ballard cuts to the quick as he arrives at the scene of a murder at a wedding reception.  Never above noticing attractive women, he remains undistracted enough to live up to his reputation.

Story 2

Sinking Mr. Wiggins

A group of boys just being boys.  As they challenge each other in their latest game, a grizzly find is discovered.  Young enough to still claim innocence, but old enough to put two and two together.

Story 3

The Big Bust

A loyal gang member risks everything to protect his friends.  He learns that hastiness can lead to misunderstandings.

Story 4

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Upset at the Courts' ruling, a defendant shows up to pay his fine.  All in pennies.

Story 5

Mirror Image

Bank robberies come in all flavors.  Who did this one?  Is there an easy way out?

Story 6

False Abductor

In an out-of-the-way cabin nestled deep in the woods, a writer witnesses an attempted abduction of a young girl and comes to her rescue.  But all good deeds do not go rewarded.

Story 7



Released on personal recognizance after being found guilty and facing a long sentence, a plaintiff is driving himself to turn himself in.  What must be going through his mind?




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